Opportunities to be part of the Campingninja Team in Edinburgh Festival and in other UK locations this Summer...

We have a range of jobs at our Edinburgh Festival Camping Project as well as for some other projects we have across the UK and Ireland. Take a look at what’s on offer. Closing date for applications = 15th May






Campingninja have been creating campsite at some of the world’s largest sports and arts events for the last 9 years. This year, we have an exciting opportunity for a capable individual who has an excellent eye for detail and love of the outdoors.


This position will see the successful candidate working at 3 locations. The main part of this role will commence on 24th June until 14th August, running a Pre-Pitched Tent Village at a watersports park in Devon alongside The South West Lakes Trust Team and the National Citizenship Scheme. In this time, the staff member will put up and look after the 18 tents we will be supplying, along with bedding and linen. The staff member will clean and turn over the tents on days when new guests will be arriving. There will be a number of turnover days throughout the period. There is plenty of time off factored in to be able to enjoy Devon.



Before that, there is a charity sports event outside of Dublin, which will commence on 16th June and finish on 23rd June. The successful candidate will travel to Ireland with an additional team member to create a Pre-Pitched Bell Tent Village, then have a few days off before returning to clean and take down the tents before returning to HQ. This is a straight forward tent hire contract with no customer service required.




The third event will be providing up to 20 Pre-Pitched Tents at a Rowing Event in Nottingham from the 14th to 19th August. 


The candidate will not be customer facing, but should be available and willing to speak to the group leaders to help with anything they require. The campsite may request your assistance with general site help, and it is important to us that you are proactive with offering to help.


All staff live on site in tents for the duration of the event. Access to site office, cafe, wifi, and amenities, as well as 3 meals per day, are included.




  • Manage and handle the pitching and maintenance of the tents at both events.
  • Be happy to drive to the locations in Ireland, South West Devon and Nottinghamshire.
  • Be organised to ensure a smooth operation and turnover of tents and kit.
  • Be responsible for ensuring the tents are in working order and be responsive if any issues arise.
  • Ensure that new arrivals are provided cleaning equipment and bin bags so they can maintain their own tents during their stay.
  • Ensure that the tents are packed away clean and dry, and folded properly.
  • Be responsible for ensuring any broken items are fixed, replaced and disposed of as needed.
  • Be able to time manage to ensure that the equipment is transported to it’s next location with sufficient time for setting up, and be flexible with your own working hours to ensure that the work is completed to the deadline.
  • Be responsible for ensuring the campsite is customer-ready on time.
  • Be responsible for ensuring tools and spare tents are available.
  • Be confident returning the equipment to our depot upon completion of the two projects, making sure it is organised and in a condition suitable for long-term storage.



Administration and Organisational Tasks

  • Be responsible for setting up the 3 campsites.
  • Be confident returning the equipment to our depot in an organised manner and submitting a complete stock take of all items returned.



  • Initiative / Independence: Able to work things out independently after initial training period. Takes responsibility for own time and effectiveness, and is happy to be flexible to ensure the work is completed. Alert to opportunities to contribute appropriately without being told.
  • Personal Motivation: Possesses a strong sense of self-motivation to ensure the work is completed on time. Contributes a team mentality to others working on site completing other tasks.
  • Quick Thinking / Learning: Able to pick up and assimilate relevant information quickly and easily.
  • Self Confidence / Resilience: Measured confidence to take on physically demanding work (and enjoy it!) Stays calm when things don’t go to plan, i.e. guests arriving early! Handles competing demands and can effectively communicate with guests when issues do arise.
  • Planning and Organising: Able to achieve results by effectively forward planning and managing your time. Anticipates crucial stages in projects and considers anything that may affect your completion time.



you should:



  • Be over 23 with 2 yrs driving experience or over 25 (this is so we can hire a van for you to deliver the kit)
  • Be confident in your ability to put up tents
  • Be able to drive and be comfortable driving a van.
  • Be comfortable with and motivated to work independently.
  • Not be afraid to come up with suggestions.
  • Not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Be happy cleaning!
  • Be happy in your own company.
  • Multitask with ease – we’re a small business and the ability to juggle a wide variety of tasks, projects, ideas and people is essential.
  • Be proactive and happy to help colleagues at the South West Lakes.
  • Be very attentive to the detail when planning your time to get jobs done. Things always take longer than we plan!
  • Be confident speaking with customers, they’ll be living in our tents!
  • Talk a good game – you will be able to enthuse, sell, and champion Campingninja and associated projects til the cows come home.
  • Be very flexible; love and embrace change – we work in a fast moving and very changeable environment where things can change at a moment’s notice.
  • Be a team player.
  • Bring good energy – what we mean is that you will approach everything with a positive attitude and seek the good in all situations (in a small team we are all in this together and negative breeds negative – and vice versa).
  • Always bring a solution to the table, not a problem.
  • Be able to make and take a joke – humour really is a prerequisite at Campingninja.
  • Be honest.
  • Be as brilliant as you can be.
  • oh, and go camping at least twice a year!!!


The main part of the job in Devon is at a remote location, so we would recommend that staff have their own vehicles for their own ease of access to leave site.

REMUNERATION: £8 per hour based on 8 hours per day


 To apply please email us with the job you are applying for in the subject line. Send us your C.V. along with your answers to the following questions:

What makes you the right person for this job?

Give us your best example of when you used your initiative to help achieve a team goal.

Tell me about a time when you faced an unexpected challenge and how you handled it?

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