7 Best Ways To Do Edinburgh Fringe and Festivals on a Budget

Edinburgh Festival Camping creates Definitive Guide to Doing Edinburgh Festivals on a Budget

Latest research shows that 20% of people considering making the cultural pilgrimage to Edinburgh were put off because of the expected cost, whilst 49% of people want help lowering costs whilst they were there. With that in mind Edinburgh Festival Camping have created the ultimate infographic to help achieve this: 7 Best Ways to Do Edinburgh Festivals and Fringe on a Shoestring.

It includes many great tips and tricks including how to find tonnes of free shows and get discounts for others, as well as information on how to save money on where you stay and how you travel. Everything you need is covered and genuinely could enable people to consider a trip to Edinburgh during August even if cash is a little tight.

All 6 major Festivals which are on during August are featured including The Fringe, The International Festival, The Book Festival, The Mela, The Royal Military Tattoo, and The International Art Festival.

Our favourite piece of advice has to be #5 – EAT LIKE YOU’RE NOT ON HOLIDAY which points out that just because you are away on a trip that you don’t need to eat out at expensive concessions all the time; why not just use the supermarket and stay somewhere where you can cook your own food…

So, check out the infographic now…. and share it with your friends!

7 Best Ways to Do Edinburgh Festivals and Fringe on a Shoestring


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