Eton Manor Gamesmakers camping with Campingninja during London 2012 Olympics

Campingninja / NinjaHub accommodates 1000 people for the London Olympics

Just 6 weeks before the London Olympics began, Ninjahub successfully organised accommodation in one of the most expensive cities for 1000 people.

Where do you begin when you need large volumes of high quality temporary accommodation for an event? What do you do when hotels prices mean that traditional accommodation options are not possible. Wouldn’t it be great if you had all your workforce in one place?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had thousands of fans staying in one place to increase your sponsorship reach and activation?

Well during the London 2012 Olympics and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games we at NinjaHub had that challenge. We hosted over 12,000 people during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in temporary accommodation and over 8,000 people during the Glasgow Games. We hosted ticket holders, Official volunteers and athlete’s families from around the world. We hosted workforces including medics, caterers, drivers, security personnel, traffic management teams and retail staff. We even hosted 2 athletes!

NinjaHub works alongside World Class sporting and cultural events providing affordable and extremely comfortable places to stay. We create low impact tented villages providing a home from home experience for workforces and visitors. Our villages have fantastic atmospheres and have been used successfully for months at a time. 

NinjaHub sites have social areas, TV lounges, sports facilities, 24 hour security, catering outlets, bars, secure charging points, wifi, hot showers, excellent toilets, transport links and an incredible sense of community.

NinjaHub have successfully delivered affordable accommodation to over 40,000 people in the last 3 years. As well as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games we have delivered at major Endurance races, Food Festivals, Mountain Bike Events, Hot Air Balloon fiestas and Music festivals.  Where there is a need for affordable accommodation we deliver.

Whether we are creating an accommodation village for ticket holders, hospitality guests or a large workforce we understand the different needs and requirements and we tailor our designs accordingly.

We work in a combination of 2 ways

Consultancy: Creating temporary accommodation for large numbers of people is not easy. There are hundreds of factors to consider and get right. We help companies get it right first time. We work with you on all aspects including project management, health and safety, procurement, logistics, marketing, selling, booking portals, customer service and operations.

Delivering: As well as consultancy we deliver accommodation solutions for events. We cover every element of the process from the concept right through to cleaning up the site and surveying visitors after the event. We take the whole process off your hands and you reap the benefits of a smooth operation and increased revenue.

Do you have an event or an idea for one?

Ninjahub operate all over the world and relish a challenge. If you need large numbers of temporary accommodation or know of an event which does, then get in touch. We work with fantastic events and pride ourselves on the customer experience for both the event and the people staying with us.

To learn more about NinjaHub please check out our website:

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