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CAMP IRELAND is Launched for Euro 2016

*UPDATE 13/01/16* –  We have launched Camp Bordeaux for the thousands of travelling Irish fans heading to the South West of France this summer. Bringing Camp Ireland to the wine regions of France. Our site, Camp Bordeaux, is perfect for the Belgium Vs Ireland Match on 18th June.

All group matches in Bordeaux and Toulouse during Euro 2016 will be serviced by Camp Bordeaux so a great international fan mix will add to the atmosphere.

Transfers will be available for the Ireland vs Sweden match in Paris plus the Italy vs Ireland match in Lille.


Camp Ireland

Irish Fans looking for accommodation in Bordeaux for the Belgium Vs Ireland match on the 18th June 2016 should look no further. We have launched Camp Bordeaux which will host large numbers of Irish fans.

A temporary Camp Ireland! Camp Bordeaux welcomes Ireland fans with an incredible atmosphere and featuring a whole range of pre-pitched options for fans.

Ireland Fans are able to choose from 3 pre-pitched options:

Budget range, Premium range and our Luxury glamping range.

Camp Bordeaux makes it easy to access matches, explore the region, as well as having fantastic facilities including TV screens, showers, toilets, breakfast, information staff, security, recreational facilities and much more.

Camp Bordeaux is open from the 9th June 2016 and will close on the 22nd June.

If you are a travel agent or Tour Operator putting together packages for Irish Fans heading to Euro 2016 then please contact us for affiliate schemes.

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